When you go to a Bugis spa, they usually provide acupuncture and acupressure. You are given an option on which method you want to choose since both are more likely to have the same benefits. If you are experiencing body pains, headache, nausea, depression, allergies, anxiety and arthritis then either of the two can be very effective. There are a lot of similarities between acupressure and acupuncture but still there are some differences as well.

Acupuncture and acupressure are both used in traditional Chinese medicine or what they refer as TCM. These two methods are holistic since both uses the meridians of the body. The meridians of your body are channels that carry out energy and circulation to the different parts of the body. If a meridian is blocked, the circulation of your body is affected as well as the flow of energy. That is the reason why you get sick. Acupressure and acupuncture both works in removing the blockage and improves the circulation and balances the flow of energy.

Here are some of the differences between the acupuncture and acupressure:

Their Origins

Acupressure was first used long before acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine. It was 2500AD when acupressure was first introduced in TCM. Acupressure is what they used first in curing nausea, headache and other health problems.

The Method

Acupressure is performed by applying pressure to different meridians of the body. Elbows, knees, palm, fingers and knuckles are used to apply pressure. The pressure applied to the different meridians is from mild to moderate, depending on how you want it to be. However, in acupuncture, needles are used in the process. The needles are inserted in the skin, still based on the meridians of the body. These needles are so thin so you will not feel pain as it is inserted in your skin. The practitioner will have to determine how long the needle should stay on your skin.

The Set Up

For the acupuncture, it would be best to do the process with your clothes off. Since the needle is so thin, it would be best that you take off your clothes when you are going through the process. The massage table can be higher or lower. It doesn’t really matter if you are going to have acupuncture.

For the acupressure, the process can be done with your clothes on as long as you are wearing something thin and lose. The process should be done in an extremely low massage table or, for some, they do it on the floor. The client should be lower so that the practitioner will be able to apply the necessary force to provide pressure to the meridians.

The Benefits

As mentioned before, the benefits of acupuncture and acupressure are most likely the same. However, acupressure is the method used that is proven effective to patients who have cancer and are going through chemotherapy treatment since it can deal with nausea and other side effects of the treatment.

Acupressure calls for the use of elbows, knees, fingers, palm, and many more so the healing process takes a longer time. This is the opposite of acupuncture. Since the needles are extremely thin, the healing process is faster compared to acupressure.

The Risks

If you want to be on the safe side, then you need to go for the acupressure. Acupuncture uses needles and these needles should be used with caution since it can cause a potential risk if the method is done wrong. However, if acupressure is done wrong, the damage it can cause can be more severe. In both methods, it is advisable that the process should be done by a person who is an expert and licensed in performing acupressure and acupuncture.

If you are contemplating getting one of these therapies, you don’t need to worry since both methods are effective. It is good if you can try both at a Bugis spa so that you will be able to tell which method you are more comfortable with. You will be able to experience the difference between the two with regard to the method of how it is done. Then you can pick your favorite process that you would choose to do regularly, or you can alternate getting the therapy if you feel that both are good for you.

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