Popcorn is becoming one of the very most favourite snacks around the planet, because of it being easy to organize and consume. But while they’ve existed for a long time, popcorn flavours remain to be limited. This might be because the majority of us have previously been used to the typical flavours such as for example salt, butter, and cheese. But seriously speaking, popcorn is a very versatile snack and you could add almost any flavour you want to take pleasure from it further.

In the event that you happen to really have a popcorn machine and wish to make good usage of it, then better start popping popcorn and try these fancy flavours for the upcoming event:

1. Cookies and cream.

Cookies and cream is a favorite ice cream flavour where crushed cookies are infused with vanilla ice cream. You are able to do exactly the same with popcorn, only that you employ melted white chocolate, chocolate cookies, and coconut oil.

To achieve this, you will have to crush chocolate cookies until they form into crumbs, and afterwards you melt the white chocolate. Once done, you could drizzle the white chocolate onto the cooked popcorn, then generate the cookie crumbs. To perform the recipe, add a tablespoon of coconut oil to create out the flavours of both white chocolate and the cookies.

2. Chilli and cheese.

Chill and cheese is just a savoury flavour for popcorn, and it’s been adapted by various chips as well. There are numerous ways to achieve this flavour, the very first is by mixing together chilli pepper powder and cheese flavoured powder that may be both bought in stores, then drizzle them within the popcorn before kernels are fully coated.

Another way to organize this recipe is by mixing together chilli pepper flakes and nutritional yeast. The yeast will take out the tangy cheesy flavour on the popcorn, whilst the chilli pepper flakes help raise the spice on the snack.

3. Popcorn Matcha!

If you’re craving for everything matcha flavoured, then why don’t you do exactly the same along with your popcorn?

It is simple to mix matcha powder on your own popcorn, but to provide it more variety, it’s also possible to add chocolates and sea salt. The chocolates provides slight bitter boost, whilst the sea salt helps refine the rawness of both matcha and the chocolates as you eat them with the popcorn.

4. Garlic-Parmesan.

If you’re a large fan of Italian delights, then perhaps you are excited to incorporate this flavour on your own popcorn: garlic parmesan. It’s actually easy to accomplish, and you start with melting unsalted butter and drizzle it over cooked popcorn. Afterwards, you mix grated parmesan cheese and garlic powder, or when you yourself have homemade garlic flakes. Once done, you add the mixture on the buttered popcorn, and you’re all set.

You might want to incorporate in certain herbs if you’re feeling the Italian vibe, such as for example parsley, thyme, oregano, or sage.

5. Cocoa and cayenne popcorn.

Cocoa and cayenne pepper really are a match manufactured in heaven, and on popcorn too. If you will want warm yet sweet popcorn snack that’s perfect during the holiday season, you then should truly try this out.

In this recipe, have the cooked kernels out from the popcorn machine and mix them with melted butter and allow it to set for a while. Throughout the setting period, you mix together cocoa powder with cayenne pepper and allspice, then drizzle them within the popcorn until all kernels are coated. You then top it off with confectioner’s sugar to enhance the sweet spicy taste.

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